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Lisa Walker Interview Included in New Book About Coen Brothers by Wussy News


We are pleased to announce that an interview with Wussy’s Lisa Walker is featured in Adam Nayman’s gorgeous new hardcover book The Coen Brothers: This Book Really Ties the Films Together. Other interviewees include frequent Coen collaborators such as Carter Burwell and Roger Deakins! 🎳

“.. film critic Adam Nayman carefully sifts through [the Coens’] complex cinematic universe in an effort to plot, as he puts it, ‘some Grand Unified Theory of Coen-ness’. The book combines critical text—biography, close film analysis, and enlightening interviews with key Coen collaborators—with a visual aesthetic that honors the Coens’ singular mix of darkness and levity. Featuring film stills, beautiful and evocative illustrations, punchy infographics, and hard insight, this book will be the definitive exploration of the Coen brothers’ oeuvre.”

In the interview, Walker discusses how The Big Lebowski, and Donny’s character in particular, inspired her to write Forever Sounds’ soaring anthem “Donny’s Death Scene”.

Read more about it from Abrams books.


Forever Sounds Makes SPIN’s Top 50 by Wussy News

SPIN listed Wussy’s newest, Forever Sounds, among its “50 Best Albums of 2016 So Far“… calling the band “one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects”.

As one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects, Cincinnati-based five-piece Wussy have set high standards of consistency over their decade-and-change career, patiently amassing a hefty songbook courtesy of head writers/guitar wranglers Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, even while slowly widening their national profile through extensive road shows. The distinct pleasures of Forever Sounds remain those of all five preceding Wussy albums — a crack songwriting duo detailing adult life’s ambiguities with vivid language amid a terrific rhythm section’s unapologetic alt-slop. They’ve retained their love of six-string grandeur even while continuing to plumb the depths of victories that aren’t so much hollow as qualified. Like throwing your own parade and hoping someone just might roll with you. Or quietly insisting against all available evidence that “these are the better days,” then immediately allowing, “…or not.” — JASON GUBBELS

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Read SPIN’s full review of Forever Sounds here.

Video: 'She's Killed Hundreds' (AV Club Premiere) by Wussy News

AV Club Premiere of “She’s Killed Hundreds”

Wussy’s video for their single “She’s Killed Hundreds” (directed by Rich Tarbell) was premiered today via the AV Club, who had this to say about the track:

Cincinnati’s Wussy has always blurred the line between alt-country and straight-ahead rock, but on its sixth album, Forever Sounds, the band has found a new way to make the amalgam pop. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “She’s Killed Hundreds,” a song that sees Wussy embrace swirling, psych-rock riffs that expand outward seemingly without end. The video plays off the song’s themes, as an unnamed spy leaves leaves nothing but destruction in her wake.

Speaking of the song’s themes , Lisa Walker said:

“Lyrics on this one are courtesy of Chuck. We never entirely know what he’s writing about, and half the time, he doesn’t either! He played this song for the band – plus “Hello, I’m a Ghost” – after we’d essentially finished the record and packed up. Needless to say, we were blown away, so it was worth setting up in the studio all over again to capture these two amazing tracks. John Erhardt and I also get to play dueling lead guitars, which is supremely fun. For me, this one has always had a bit of a Pixies meets Guided by Voices vibe. In other words, Ohio to its core.”

Read more at AV Club

Paste’s Coverage of “She’s Killed Hundreds”:

Wussy’s audience seems to be made up entirely of rock critics. You rarely meet mainstream fans of the Cincinnati band, but if Robert Christgau wants to get coffee we wouldn’t be opposed.

Despite their relative obscurity, Wussy is a criminally underrated alt-country outfit whose sixth studio album, Forever Sounds, came out today on Shake It Records along with a music video for single “She’s Killed Hundreds.” The video features two secret agents playing a game of cat-and-mouse ala Mad magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” comics.

Read more at Paste

About the Video

Directed by Rich Tarbell and Brian Wimer.
Edited by Rich Tarbell with color correction by David Ariew.
Produced with Scott Vieth, Club 603, Baltimore MD.
From the album Forever Sounds.

Listen to the Full Album Stream of 'Forever Sounds' (Noisey Premiere) by Wussy News


Check out Noisey’s coverage and full album stream of Wussy’s Forever Sounds here:

“If you’re not familiar with the fuzzy dream pop psych of Cincinnati’s Wussy, you’re in for a treat. The band’s been around for a bit—getting its start way back in 2001—and has established itself as a staple of Midwestern rock over the last decade. Below, Noisey is happy to premiere the latest record from Wussy called Forever Sounds, which might just be their most complete work yet.” – Noisey

PREMIERE: Stream Wussy's 'Forever Sounds' and Get Joyfully Midwestern Miserable

Video: 'Dropping Houses' (Stereogum Premiere) by Wussy News

Wussy’s official video for single “Dropping Houses” launched today via Stereogum, who had this to say about the track:

On “Dropping Houses,” Ohio rockers Wussy applied their unique blend of Midwest roots-rock and gauzy melodic swirl to a story about being inside a house carried away by a tornado. I loved how singer-guitarist Lisa Walker explained the aesthetic: “Our dorky dual fandom of ’90s shoegaze + tom petty has fully surfaced and become a really singable wall of noise.” And I furthermore enjoy what director Scott Fredette has done with the visuals, turning a simple performance video into something ominous and flashy via a black background and colorful bursts of light. Watch below. – Chris DeVille / Stereogum

About the Video

From the album Forever Sounds, out 3/4/16 on Shake It/Damnably.

Director: Scott Fredette
Director of Photography: John Erhardt
Design/Animation: Dan Olszewski
Editor: Brad Grawe
Camera Assistant: Roger Holliday
Grip: Jake Kneuven
Grip: Charlie Glassman
Grip: Geoff Halpin
Camera Car Driver: David Hug
Grip/Lighting equipment: Midwest Grip and Lighting
Camera equipment: The Camera Dept.

Wussy Announce 6th Album 'Forever Sounds' & Share New Track (SPIN Premiere) by Wussy News


Wussy announced their sixth album Forever Sounds, premiering the lead single “Dropping Houses” via SPIN Magazine on Jan 21, 2016. SPIN had this to say:

“To certain fans of Lucinda Williams, Crazy Horse, Mekons and R.E.M., Wussy became the best band in America almost instantaneously with the launch of their cult classic debut, Funeral Dress, in 2005. Their flawless document of ragged songwriting and modestly adventurous arrangements has only grown in dynamism in the years and albums that followed… America’s best songwriting band might now be among its best soundscaping ones.”

“It’s a swaggering, bleary, distorted churn topped off by another virtuoso vocal duet from Walker and Cleaver.” – Stereogum

Wussy’s sixth LP is bleaker and more difficult than its predecessor, 2014’s tentatively anthemic Attica!. The album is full of darkly valiant shoegaze, music that is cozy enough to hibernate under. – Pitchfork

Forever Sounds Track List

  1. Dropping Houses

  2. She’s Killed Hundreds

  3. Donny’s Death Scene

  4. Gone

  5. Hello, I’m a Ghost

  6. Hand of God

  7. Sidewalk Sale

  8. Better Days

  9. Majestic-12

  10. My Parade