All Wussy Albums

(Shake It / Damnably, 2018) Wussy’s most recent full-length LP. Includes tracks “Gloria”, “Tall Weeds” and a cover of the Twinkeyz’s classic “Aliens in Our Midst”.

(Bar/None, 2018) Wussy teamed up with friends The Paranoid Style for a special split single on Bar None Records!

(Damnably, 2018) A four-track all-covers EP, issued for Record Store Day 2018. Created as a UK-only limited edition release on yellow vinyl.

(Shake It, 2019) The acclaimed debut LP from Wussy’s Chuck Cleaver.

(Damnbly, 2016) Wussy covers the Joy Division / New Order classic for Record Store Day 2016.

(Shake It / Damnably 2016) Wussy’s sixth full-length, featuring “Dropping Houses” and “She’s Killed Hundreds”.

(Shake It, 2016) The lead single off of Forever Sounds. “A swaggering, bleary, distorted churn topped off by another virtuoso vocal duet from Walker and Cleaver.”

(Shake It, 2015) A limited edition hand-stamped EP of five classic Folk and Americana-inspired songs. Released for Record Store Day 2015.

(Shake It / Damnably, 2014) Featuring Wussy fan-favorites “Teenage Wasteland”, “Halloween”, “To the Lightning” and “North Sea Girls”.

(Shake It, 2013) A Record Store Day 2013 limited edition release from Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker. Features early versions of “New American Standard” and “North Sea Girls”.

(Shake It, 2012) A split single with Heartless Bastards celebrating the songs of Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section stalwart Eddie Hinton. Wussy covers the Dusty Springfield classic “Breakfast in Bed”.

(Damnably, 2012) Wussy’s first UK album: A compilation featuring standout tracks from the albums Funeral Dress through Strawberry, serving as an introduction to the band for UK and European audiences.

(Shake It, 2011) The first Wussy record with Joe Klug on drums, featuring several fan-favorites, including “Pizza King”, “Pulverized”, “Waiting Room” and more!

(Shake It, 2011) An acoustic reworking of Wussy’s debut album. Recorded over a span of eight hours at Ultrasuede Studios with their revamped 2010 lineup.

(Shake It, 2009) Wussy’s third, a self-titled album featuring their live staples “Happiness Bleeds”, “Little Paper Birds”, “Maglite” and “This Will Not End Well”.

(Shake It, 2008) Wussy’s first EP, featuring the title track plus live performances from WOXY.

(Shake It, 2008) The followup to the band’s acclaimed debut Funeral Dress. Features “Rigor Mortis” and “Jonah”.

(Shake It, 2005) The debut record that started it all!
“11 three-minute songs, all about perfect” - Robert Christgau