Ken Tucker Reviews Chuck Cleaver's 'Send Aid' on NPR's Fresh Air by Wussy News

Chuck Cleaver / Photo - Anna Stockton

Chuck Cleaver / Photo - Anna Stockton

Ken Tucker reviewed Chuck Cleaver’s debut album Send Aid on the September 3 edition of NPR’s Fresh Air.

“Cleaver, one of the leaders of Wussy, sings about joy, pain, sorrow and regret on Send Aid. The resulting album stands with the best of anything Cleaver has ever done.” - Ken Tucker, Fresh Air

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Forever Sounds Makes SPIN’s Top 50 by Wussy News

SPIN listed Wussy’s newest, Forever Sounds, among its “50 Best Albums of 2016 So Far“… calling the band “one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects”.

As one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects, Cincinnati-based five-piece Wussy have set high standards of consistency over their decade-and-change career, patiently amassing a hefty songbook courtesy of head writers/guitar wranglers Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, even while slowly widening their national profile through extensive road shows. The distinct pleasures of Forever Sounds remain those of all five preceding Wussy albums — a crack songwriting duo detailing adult life’s ambiguities with vivid language amid a terrific rhythm section’s unapologetic alt-slop. They’ve retained their love of six-string grandeur even while continuing to plumb the depths of victories that aren’t so much hollow as qualified. Like throwing your own parade and hoping someone just might roll with you. Or quietly insisting against all available evidence that “these are the better days,” then immediately allowing, “…or not.” — JASON GUBBELS

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'Funeral Dress' Review by Robert Christgau in Village Voice by Wussy News

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Wussy’s debut record Funeral Dress landed on Robert Christgau’s Dean’s List for the 2006 Village Voice Pazz & Jop critic’s poll:

He also reviewed the record in the February 1, 2006 issue of Village Voice, giving it an “A” grade and saying:

“Small, but about perfect, with Walker handling the human detail and Cleaver tossing off metaphors—a sideshow horse, a shunt to drain the fear from his brain. It’s an ideal partnership—vocally and lyrically, Walker grounds the old guy and he lifts her. The band sound is more Velvets than Burritos, yet country still. It’s as if they’ve reduced all of white Ohio to an articulated drone, unlocked a silo or warehouse of hummable tunes, and worked out the harmonies.” - Robert Christgau

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