What Heaven Is Like

Album by Wussy
Released May 18, 2018
Shake It (US) / Damnably (UK)
LP, CD, Digital

“For well over a decade, Lisa Walker and former Ass Ponys frontman Chuck Cleaver have been co-leading Wussy, one of Cincinnati’s great rock ‘n’ roll exports. Like Gloria Burgle’s policing, Wussy’s music is hearty and out of step with current trends: guitar-powered rock songs steeped in Midwestern twang and ’60s psych, marked by two rugged voices intertwining at great heights. They simply do what they know how to do, and they do it well. And now they have a whole new album of it.” – Stereogum (March 2018)

Production Notes

Recorded and mixed by John Hoffman with Jerri Queen and John Curley. Produced by John Hoffman and Wussy. Mastered by Dave Davis at QCA. Words by Cleaver & Walker. Music by Wussy.