Video: 'Nomenclature' (Seedy Seeds Cover) by Wussy News

Wussy Duo – “Nomenclature” (2011) / Video assembled by Lisa Walker in 2012

Chuck and Lisa (with help from John Curley) covered a Seedy Seeds song for the electronic group’s Verb Noun companion album. This track was later remastered and released on Wussy’s Getting Better Record Store Day EP for Damnably Records in 2018.

Forever Sounds Makes SPIN’s Top 50 by Wussy News

SPIN listed Wussy’s newest, Forever Sounds, among its “50 Best Albums of 2016 So Far“… calling the band “one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects”.

As one of American indie’s premier songwriting projects, Cincinnati-based five-piece Wussy have set high standards of consistency over their decade-and-change career, patiently amassing a hefty songbook courtesy of head writers/guitar wranglers Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, even while slowly widening their national profile through extensive road shows. The distinct pleasures of Forever Sounds remain those of all five preceding Wussy albums — a crack songwriting duo detailing adult life’s ambiguities with vivid language amid a terrific rhythm section’s unapologetic alt-slop. They’ve retained their love of six-string grandeur even while continuing to plumb the depths of victories that aren’t so much hollow as qualified. Like throwing your own parade and hoping someone just might roll with you. Or quietly insisting against all available evidence that “these are the better days,” then immediately allowing, “…or not.” — JASON GUBBELS

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Read SPIN’s full review of Forever Sounds here.

Wussy Add US Dates to 'Forever Sounds' Tour by Wussy News

Having returned from a successful UK tour leg (including a BBC6 radio session), Wussy resume their 2016 Forever Sounds tour with a string of US dates, including KEXP and Daytrotter sessions.

Wussy’s 2016 LP Forever Sounds (Shake It / Damnably) has been  featured in SPIN, Noisey, Stereogum, NPR, AV Club, Paste and more. Most recently, the band’s UK Record Store Day single “Ceremony” (Damnably) has been getting extensive BBC airplay since its April 22 release. Their tour season wraps up in September with two back-to-back hometown shows at Cincinnati’s historic Woodward Theater with special guests that will be announced in July.


Forever Sounds 2016 Tour

June 8 / ST. LOUIS / Twangfest / Off Broadway w/James McMurtry
June 9 / TULSA / Soundpony w/American Werewolf Academy
June 10 / DALLAS / Three Links Deep Ellum w/American Werewolf Academy
June 11 / AUSTIN / Spiderhouse Ballroom w/American Werewolf Academy, Residual Kid
June 14 / LOS ANGELES / Silverlake Lounge w/Chris Brokaw
June 15 / SAN FRANCISCO / Elbo Room w/Chris Brokaw, Night School
June 17 / PORTLAND / Star Theater w/Chris Brokaw, Rubella Graves
June 18 / SEATTLE / El Corazon w/Chris Brokaw, The Purrs, QAZI
June 19 / WENATCHEE / Two Bar w/Chris Brokaw
June 20 / BOISE / Neurolux Lounge w/Chris Brokaw, Outer Spaces
June 22 / DENVER / Moon Room w/Too Many Humans
June 23 / KANSAS CITY / Davey’s Uptown w/Schwervon, Cave Girls
June 24 / CHICAGO / Empty Bottle w/Calliope
June 25 / LOUISVILLE / Headliner’s w/The Fervor, Frederick the Younger
July 7 / COLUMBUS / Double Happiness w/Kyle Sowashes, Drift Mouth
July 8 / CLEVELAND / Beachland Tavern w/Lawton Bros, Fever Child
July 9 / ALBANY / The Low Beat w/Paranoid Style, Sky Furrows
July 10 / NYC / Bowery Ballroom w/Paranoid Style
July 12 / PROVIDENCE / Columbus Theater w/ Tall Teenagers
July 13 / BOSTON / Middle East Upstairs w/A Band Called E
July 14 / DC / Black Cat w/Dot Dash
July 15 / BALTIMORE / Club 603 / SOLD OUT
July 16 / RICHMOND / Strange Matter
Sept 23 / CINCINNATI / Woodward Theater
Sept 24 / CINCINNATI / Woodward Theater

Wussy - Forever Sounds

  • “Swirling psych rock riffs that expand outward, seemingly without end” – AV Club

  • “Maximum singability and staying power” – Pitchfork

  • SPIN’s 50 Best Albums of 2016 So Far

  • “Criminally underrated” – Paste

  • “Their most complete work yet” – Noisey

  • “A swaggering, bleary, distorted churn topped off by another virtuoso vocal duet” – Stereogum

  • “America’s best songwriting band might now be among its best soundscaping ones” – SPIN

Wussy's 'Ceremony' Cover Featured in SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week by Wussy News

SPIN included Wussy’s cover of “Ceremony” among their “7 Favorite Songs of the Week”, saying:

There are plenty of ways for a cover song to be successful, but it can be especially meaningful when artists weave in their perspective without compromising the magic of the original — which Cincinnati’s Wussy do with aplomb with this take on New Order’s 1981 classic. Staying faithful to the new-wave pioneers’ looping guitar line, Wussy throw in layers of hazy, frayed distortion while singing Ian Curtis’ last lyrics together in unruly unison. — R.B.

Read the rest here: SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: DeJ Loaf, Julianna Barwick, and More

Single: 'Ceremony' (Stereogum Premiere) by Wussy News


Stereogum premiered Wussy’s Record Store Day cover of “Ceremony” (Joy Division / New Order) on April 6, with a streaming link, as well as a list of 2016 tour dates. Stream it here: Wussy – “Ceremony” (New Order Cover) (Stereogum Premiere).

“They’ve covered New Order’s seminal new wave track ‘Ceremony’, making it their own without betraying the essence of the original.” - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

Video: 'She's Killed Hundreds' (AV Club Premiere) by Wussy News

AV Club Premiere of “She’s Killed Hundreds”

Wussy’s video for their single “She’s Killed Hundreds” (directed by Rich Tarbell) was premiered today via the AV Club, who had this to say about the track:

Cincinnati’s Wussy has always blurred the line between alt-country and straight-ahead rock, but on its sixth album, Forever Sounds, the band has found a new way to make the amalgam pop. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “She’s Killed Hundreds,” a song that sees Wussy embrace swirling, psych-rock riffs that expand outward seemingly without end. The video plays off the song’s themes, as an unnamed spy leaves leaves nothing but destruction in her wake.

Speaking of the song’s themes , Lisa Walker said:

“Lyrics on this one are courtesy of Chuck. We never entirely know what he’s writing about, and half the time, he doesn’t either! He played this song for the band – plus “Hello, I’m a Ghost” – after we’d essentially finished the record and packed up. Needless to say, we were blown away, so it was worth setting up in the studio all over again to capture these two amazing tracks. John Erhardt and I also get to play dueling lead guitars, which is supremely fun. For me, this one has always had a bit of a Pixies meets Guided by Voices vibe. In other words, Ohio to its core.”

Read more at AV Club

Paste’s Coverage of “She’s Killed Hundreds”:

Wussy’s audience seems to be made up entirely of rock critics. You rarely meet mainstream fans of the Cincinnati band, but if Robert Christgau wants to get coffee we wouldn’t be opposed.

Despite their relative obscurity, Wussy is a criminally underrated alt-country outfit whose sixth studio album, Forever Sounds, came out today on Shake It Records along with a music video for single “She’s Killed Hundreds.” The video features two secret agents playing a game of cat-and-mouse ala Mad magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” comics.

Read more at Paste

About the Video

Directed by Rich Tarbell and Brian Wimer.
Edited by Rich Tarbell with color correction by David Ariew.
Produced with Scott Vieth, Club 603, Baltimore MD.
From the album Forever Sounds.